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Sunday, November 16, 2003

We can't have a NAKED BUTT now can we??

I stopped putting pull-ups on Lexi a few nights ago. She was always waking up dry & had a little rash on her behind so I stopped the pull-ups thinking the rash was from the pull-ups.

So tonight, after she has been talking/singing whatever you want to call it, in her crib for the last 45 mins, I finally went in there. She had undressed her baby & was looking for the diaper. I told her we'd look for it tomorrow.

Then I noticed her water cup was empty (was about 1/2 full), so I asked her if she had to go potty. She said yes. So we went to the bathroom.....and after trying & not being able to go I said it was MY turn & she needed to get back to bed.

Then she says "I want a pull-up on" I asked her WHY? You don't need them anymore.

She says "but then my BUTT will be NAKED"

So she's wearing a pull-up tonight.

We can't have a naked butt now can we?!?!


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