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Monday, November 03, 2003

First snowfall = accidents

There are TWO to report today.

Mom was taking Dad to Iowa this morning so he could get an RV to take out East. Dad was driving & I guess loss control?? They went into the ditch. They were able to drive right out, no damage, no one hurt. Lucky.

Next was me. I was on my way to work. Kids were at home w/ Phil who is on afternoon shift this week. I was heading into New Ulm by the Quartize Quarries & going down the hill & realized it was icy & I should slow down. Too late, van was heading to the other side of the road, CARS were coming straight at me. I spun the whole van around & ended up facing the opposite way. Hit the guard rail. The FOUR cars coming at me where gone & I thought maybe one of them would stop. Nope. No one did. So I drove to work. Checked out the damage when I got there. Rear tail light broken out. Had an estimate done over lunch hour & it will be about $100 to get it fixed.

Guess it's that time of the year around.


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