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Monday, September 15, 2008

Glensheen Mansion

We toured this on Friday in between volleyball games. I had taken this tour waaayyyy back in the 80's. I'm guessing around '85 or so when I was a teenager. Mom, Dad, my neighbor friend Stacey & I took a trip to Duluth. Funny thing I remember from that trip & the tour was that they do NOT allow you to take any photos or video inside the house. Well, my dad had his video camera with, the big kind way back then. He brought it in & left it on & was holding it down my his knees thinking he'd be sneaky about it. Well, the tour guide said "sir, please turn the video camera off" He said it was & he replied "the red light is still on" Oh. And he turned it off!!

The tour guide told us the house was built for around $850,000......which in today's money it would cost about 30 MILLION. Wow. There is a lot of history on the place & a few different books out that I might pick up at the library and read. It was a good tour & if you haven't ever been through it, check it out.
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