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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just a little update. Phil & I left yesterday around 10:30. We were ready to go at 8:30 but Grandma misunderstood me & didn't get to our house until 10:00. Yes, we were both anxious to get out of there!!!! So we left...Zachary cried of course, which he seems to do anytime I/we leave him.

So we stopped in St Cloud for lunch & drove by a Days Inn that said they had a waterslide. Phil said he wanted to stay there & spend the day in St Cloud & shop or whatever. So we checked into it but Hinckley Days Inn had already charged our credit card so we were stuck. So we continued on our way to Hinckley.

We got there & headed to the casino. Phil played the slots while I played Blackjack. He lost some & I won some. We then ate at the famous Tobies restaurant. Then back to the hotel for a swim/hot tub.

Woke up this morning at 6:30...was so mad, my chance to sleep in & I couldn't sleep!! Went & had breakfast. Pouring rain outside. Hit a few shops & then on the road to Duluth. Saw on the map Carlton..which dad said there was a casino there. Called him to get directions but he didn't answer. Wouldn't you know it a few miles down the road we see the casino right off the interstate. Black Bear Casino. So we stopped. Phil found his favorite nickel double up poker slots. I hit the blackjack tables. I won a little again....so I tore him away from his machine to go eat. We don't like buffets anymore cause we always overdo it & they usually aren't very good.....but it was 1:30 & we hadn't eaten lunch yet & I was HUNGRY! I asked the toothless guy on the slot machine next to Phil if the food there was any good & he said yes. So we went for it. And he was right. It was good. Even Phil said that there wasn't anything he didn't like, which is unusual for him to say. The one dessert...no idea what it was but dang was that good! It had a crust, then part cookie dough, part brownie. Phil topped it was carmel & ice cream!! Low fat too I'm sure.

So I was ready to go after that but Phil wanted to play again. Dang, I'm gonna blame him cause I can't blame myself right?!? Sat at a table again & went through $40 in probably 5 minutes. That sucked. So I was mad & found another table. Played some more & tried different tables. Didn't do well & ended up giving back what most of what I had won in Hinckley. Phil either lost or won five bucks. Can't remember. He plays 5 cent machines while I'm betting 5 bucks a hand! We finally got out of there & got checked into our hotel in Duluth.

We worked out together in the fitness room which was nice. I had him do one of my interval work outs & of course I was a pool of sweat when we were done & him nothing. He said he was sweating but when you can't see it I don't buy it.

We then went for a walk on the LakeWalk after it finally had stopped raining all day! We checked out the Chocolate Factory on a recommendation from Stacie. Got a caramel/chocolate/mint dipped apple. It was good........but next time I'd get more of a carmel one, this was more chocolate, not so much of the caramel. Funny they take a healthy thing & make it into a not so healthy treat!!!!

Back at the hotel now & will either check out the hot tub or....there's a casino about 3 blocks away!! Hmmmmmm what to do what to do!??! LOL

Oh, I did call home this afternoon & mom was surviving with the kids. Zander went home with Grandpa last night and stayed there. He seems to be doing ok with his new mouthpiece thing. He got that in on Tuesday. It's so he stops sucking his thumb. He's banned from sticky candy until it comes out. I'll have to take a picture of it. Not sure how long he will have to keep it in, until the habit is broke we were told.

She was making banana bread when I called. Couldn't find my flour so had to go to the neighbor. Am I the only one that keeps flour in the freezer?!?! I don't use it enough & I'd rather not have bugs in it so that's where I keep mine! I'm sure Nick liked that for his after school treat. He did say to me before he left he was glad Grandma was coming...better food & less rules!

Going to watch Ashley play volleyball tomorrow & hopefully tour the Gleensheen mansion.


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