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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello #15

The Mankato Mavs being introduced. We went to all 3 games in Duluth. It is so different going to away games compared to home games. The first game we went to was Friday morning at 9:30. There was a total of like six MSU fans there. The other team (from Washington State) had 1 fan. And there were a few others I'm assuming from Duluth or whatever watching. So it was VERY quiet in the gym & so all of our cheering could be heard by all! The other games were 2:30 Friday afternoon & then Saturday at 12:30. They were 1 for 3. The most impressive thing was after the Saturday game (they played UMD -Duluth) when the UMG coach came up to Ashley & said to her "you were frickin' awesome" That was cool.
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