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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Ben!

We went to Sioux Falls yesterday to celebrate Ben's 1st Birthday! It was our first hotel stay with all of us....Zachary's first time in a hotel. Not sure if I'd want to go with him again!! He missed his nap yesterday, fell asleep two minutes before we got to the hotel....so he got about a five minute nap. With as busy as he was swimming and all we thought for sure he'd go to sleep nice & thought EVERYONE would sleep in. Ha.

Zachary was the last to fall asleep and about 4:00 woke up. He was in bed with Lexi & got out of bed & started walking around the room! Phil got up & went to the bathroom & so then I got Zach in bed by me & told Phil to go sleep with Lexi. Zachary tossed & turned for the next HOUR. Have NO idea what was up with him. He should of been dead tired. Sucked. He did finally fall back to sleep & everyone was up before 8:00.

He fell asleep on the drive home (about 1:00) & we were able to carry him to bed when we got home so he could sleep some more but at 4:30 we said he had a long enough nap & woke him up!


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