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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baseball/Softball Updates

Lexi had her first game tonight. Lexi had an awesome first at bat!

Nick's Rookie team played tonight too but Nick skipped that game & went & played in Madelia with the Peanuts. Everyone lost tonight. Lexi's team, the Rookie's & the Peanuts. Not a good night for Courtland!

We stayed in Courtland to watch Lexi so didn't get to see Nick play. He said he was 1 for 2. One of the Rookie coaches was a little upset that Nick didn't stay here to play. Said he had him as the first pitcher. Well he'd rather play with the older kids & get 3 at bats instead of the smaller kids where there are almost 20 on the team & he gets 1 chance at batting! And.....it's suppose to be 9 & 10 yr olds & now they have SEVEN year olds playing too! So duh, who would you want to go play with!??!

We have a tournament this weekend in Searles so it'll be interesting to see where they put him!

Here's a video of Lexi's awesome hit! You can hear Zander & Zachary cheering here on as well!


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