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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Baseball & Softball Update!

Tuesday night Nick played with the Peanut League (11-13 yr olds). They won 5-3. We were surprised they put Nick in at first base right away! They hadn't even practiced with him yet! He did pretty good, was 2 for 4 w/ a walk. He really liked playing with the older boys I think!

I got a call around 8:15 from Ashley asking if I could come play softball with her in Mankato. In an HOUR! Nick's game was finishing up so I said sure, changed clothes & headed over. This was my first time playing in like FIFTEEN years! Good thing I had a couple of beers at Nick's game....I was nervous but didn't care! I had to use Tyler's glove cause mine is sooooooo old. It has LISA NACHREINER written on....I haven't been a Nachreiner for 15 years so that tells you how old that glove is!!

I was 1 for 4. My first appearance at the plate......a BIG OLD K. Yep, I strike out. Gave Tyler a good laugh (he was watching & I should of gave him my camera to tape me! HAHAHHA) I guess he liked my grunting when I swung the bat & my little twirl too! I have a feeling they may ask me to come back again...cause you know, you strike out you have to bring the beer to the next game!!

My 2nd up I had a good hit but it was caught. According to Ashley, I was robbed. So I'll take that as it was hit good!

3rd time....a little tiny bunt but all the running I've done paid off cause I BEAT the throw to first base. So that was my ONE hit for the night!

4th time...fly out to the outfield. But hey, I hit it & pass the infield! Yeah me!

They put me at catcher. Better than outfield, at least I got to touch the ball a lot! heheh

Tonight Nick had a game with his Rookie league. He played 1st base for 3 innings & then pitched for 2. I'm not sure of his stats but his first at bat Phil said "he's gonna hit a triple" And sure enough he did! But then he had to copy his mom & strike out once as well. They won 5-4 tonight. Now we are off until maybe Sat morning. Tournament in Essig but not sure yet if they'll have enough players. We'll find out Fri night. Otherwise, next game is Sunday night I think.


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