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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer is Starting!

Summer Vacation has started! Tomorrow we are heading to the library to sign up for their Summer Reading Program & then after that if it's nice out we are going to Flandrau! The water is probably freezing yet but I'm sure the kids won't mind! I had to get the slip & slide out for them today & that water was freezing but it didn't seem to bother them! The darn mosquito's is what got them though. They have just been horrible here. Zander's back got it pretty bad today, Zach got a bad one on his cheek, Lexi is covered in bites, I'm itching like crazy too! Phil bought one of those Mosquito Deletor's or whatever it's called. The thing you hook up to an LP Gas tank. It doesn't have immediate results & said we should notice a difference in two weeks. We'll see.........it wasn't cheap so it BETTER work!!

Well baseball & softball have started for us. We will be at the park regularly for the next couple of months! Nick has practice on Sunday's, Lexi on Monday. Lexi has games on Tuesday's & Nick's are on Wednesday's! For the games we will be traveling a little for both of them. The furthest for Lexi is Sleepy Eye & I think Winthrop for Nick, so not too bad! Now today at Nick's practice the coach from the league above ours (Peanuts 11-13 yr olds, we are Rookies, 9-10, w/ 7 & 8 yr olds too!) came & was looking for players to play on his team too. Nick was the only one good enough that he recruited!! So that was pretty exciting for him. Although that team plays TWO games a week...on Sunday's & Tuesday's. And a practice night in there as well!! They played tonight in Sigel...but we didn't go. Last year when Nick played over there we had a heck of a time finding that stupid place!!! And..that was the place he gave the kid a bloody nose when he was pitching! So Sigel has bad memories for us so we skipped that tonight! The Peanut League plays here in Courtland Tuesday night so we'll go to that one & see if they have him play at all. I think they only have 12 players on that team so odds are pretty good he'll see some action. Then Wed night we go to Winthrop for his first game with the Rookie league.

Then tournaments.......there are two with the Rookie league. One here & one in Searles. The Peanut league has one in Essig this coming weekend. We may do that one, we'll see how it goes on Tuesday night.

Should be a fun full baseball season for Nick this summer!

This is Lexi's first year at softball. She's had 2 practices so far & her first game isn't for another week or so. She's been doing pretty good so far & she likes it too! Phil has been helping out coaching on both teams. So far that's been working out for him too. He has two weeks of his new work schedule in now. He is working M/T/W 12 hours...6 am - 6 pm & then back on Thursday for an easy 8 hour shift of 6-2 pm. And then he gets the long weekend with having Fri/Sat/Sun off. He found a trade so he's able to work straight days. No more AFTERNOONS & MIDNIGHTS (as long as the trade works out!). He seems to like it so far, hard to tell as the one week had a holiday in it! The days have gotten a little long for me as when he did work days he'd be home at 3 or 3:30 & now it's 6...those few extra hours w/ the kids alone get to be hard. I know I will love him not working midnights...it should be an easier summer w/o having to yell at them to BE QUIET, DADDY'S SLEEPING 1000x day!!

I went out with my high school girlfriends (6 of us!) Friday night. I'm so glad we still get together...even though it's not that often, at least we still do it! I can't believe we've been out of high school for 18 years now?!!? Can that be?!? Whooly. We talked about us having a girls trip to Mexico or somewhere when we all turn 40. That's only 4 years away....how fun would THAT be?!?!? Phil said he's not paying for that....so I gotta start saving now & will glady accept any free will donations as well ;-) cause damn it, I AM GOING on that trip for sure!!!

Oh this is funny. It was brought up that one of our friends has recently gotten a boob job (none of the girls that were there!!) and I told Phil about that & said how another friend mentioned that her husband told her that he would GLADLY pay for her to have one done if she wanted one. So I asked Phil if he'd pay for me to have one done & he was like "well duh, of COURSE!" Then he says "GEOTHERMAL or Boob JOB" Hmmmmmm...........which brings up another topic. He's been looking into getting a Geothermal unit put in to help save on our heating/cooling bills. We are still waiting for the estimate on it so no idea if it's something we can even do or not.


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