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Monday, May 19, 2008


That MP3 player I found in the garbage!?!? Nick took it over to Ashley's last night & her cord fit it so we were able to charge it up. Nick was excited! He started listening to it right away when we got home last night. So today I'm looking at it & see that my cord for my player fits it as well....so we can charge it up & add new songs to it!!

FREE MP3 player for Nick! He will be thrilled when he gets home from school!

Oh, he was listening to it last night & came in & said "it has some pretty good songs on it"

I'm listening to it now & I'll have to agree!

So my afternoon has been filled with trying to figure out how to work this thing! I'm now looking online for a user's guide. I can't figure out how to get the songs deleted & new ones added. GRRRR But I did find a link to what it looks like. It's actually a SPORT MP3 player but I doubt if those functions will get used!

It's the SILVER one.

Ok, so in my research I found that you need a specific SONY program to add/delete songs. I tried downloading it but it didn't work. So I guess we are out of luck. He is stuck with the songs that are on it! So we got all excited for nothing. Oh well.


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