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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It looks like it's been a week since I updated.

First...I have to correct a statement from below...it's been NINE AND 1/2 YEARS we've had diapers in this house! Zachary has done awesome the past week. He had one accident....and it was last night at our final night of gymnastics. The last night is PARENTS night & we get to play games & do activities with the kids. Well Phil was working so Nick went with Lexi & Zach & I went with Zander. At one point, Zander had to get a drink at the fountain & Zach saw that & had to copy him. Well I thought at first he just got wet from that but after getting closer I saw he had an accident. He started to take off his pants right there! I said, no Zach we have to go to the van & change you! I think he was just so excited cause HE got to run around & join in the fun last night that he had NO time to take a potty break!!

So if you are a reader of Phil's blog.....he mentioned how he found the remains of a baby bunny in the back yard. GAARROOOOOSSSS....sorry Jennie, NO pictures of that, way to disgusting! Anyhow, so yesterday he told me to come outside. He was moving some bricks around by one of the trees & found a nest with 4 or 5 baby bunnies! They are pretty small & he didn't want the kids to know about it yet. He thinks the mama comes back at night to feed them. I have yet to see a rabbit by the nest & I've been watching for 2 days now! So today I took the camera out there & you can't see them at all but they sure the heck scared me when they moved a little!! We are hoping they stick around for a couple of weeks & then we can show you. Remember the ones we had last summer? I've got pictures of that on the blog here somewhere in the archives!


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