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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

What a night......let's actually go back a couple of nights to start with.

Saturday was the Nachreiner Xmas party. I've got pictures & videos to share but that will have to wait. We got home late Saturday night, around 11:00. Got all the kids to bed & Phil. Eric stayed over so him & I were playing Scrabble...until 12:30 or so I think it was. I finally went to bed & then couldn't fall asleep. Which was probably a good thing? I laid there until 1:30 am.......and then Lexi came in our room & said "Daddy....I just puked in my room" Well, Daddy was snoring away so I got up right away & put her on the couch. Then asked if she needed a bowl.....went to her room & oh my. I am NOT the one that can handle that stuff. It was NASTY. I tore her room apart & took the bedding down to the laundry room. Oops, couple of chunks dropped on the stairs....that's gonna have to be dealt with later. I started the wash & headed back up to her....it's about 2:00 am & she's getting sick again. We were on the couch all night & she was getting sick alot......with it finally turning into the heaves. Then Nick woke up around 8:00 & came to the living room. Lexi got sick again about 8:45 & after that I went to get Phil up & told him I needed to get SOME sleep as I was up with her all night. So he got up & tended to the 3 boys, well 4 if you count Eric. Lexi then went to sleep in Zachary's bed. Phil took the kids to church so her & I could get some rest. Then they went to Grandma's for lunch & gave us some more time alone which was what I needed after that night! (THANK YOU PHIL)

Lexi was in bed until 5:00 that night & still feeling icky but managed a bath & ate a piece of toast. Today she woke up & her tummy hurt on/off all day but I think it was more nerves for the Xmas program at church she was in more than the flu bug.

She did NOT want to go to church, but once we got her dress on & did her hair all pretty, she was feeling better about it. She did just fine at church......

So after church we picked up a pizza for supper & came home. Santa had been to our place while we were gone so we opened presents & at that time everyone seemed fine. (I'll post pics/videos of that later too). Everything seemed to be going fine until it was time to eat the pizza....and I had made little smokies. Nick was slouched over at the table & said his side hurt. So then Phil told him to go lay down. I thought he just wanted to go play his new video game. He came out once & finished eating & then took his pizza to his room. Zachary hardly ate anything & Zander only had a few bites as well. We just thought they were all excited about their new stuff that they wanted to go play. So we let them.....I started cleaning up & then Phil mentioned Zachary was just laying on the floor.

Well a few minutes later, Lexi yelled "Zachary threw up!" And sure enough.....all over the living room carpet. Grabbed him & put him on the kitchen floor & let him finish. During this time Zander says "I think I'm gonna puke too" Go to the bathroom we say.......and he does. And then HE gets sick.......

So for the next hour or two, they both are taking turns getting sick. Phil got Zachary all changed into his pajamas...and he got sick again all over them!

Meanwhile, Nick is in his room & his *side* still hurts. We ask him if he feels like he's gonna get sick & he says no, it hurts, but not like the flu. So then a little while later, he goes to the bathroom & I'm walking by the same time & ask him if he's gonna get sick, he says no. So I go back to the living room & then a minute later he's in the hallway....PUKING ........his GUTS out. Phil YELLS at him to get to the bathroom....and he does to finish in there. So glad he came back to eat that pizza. Ugh.

So then he's back in his room for awhile & after an hour or so I check on him again & ask if he's gonna get sick...NO he says. Well, shortly after that he does...but he does make it to the bathroom again.

Phil takes Zander to bed........but he ends up getting sick again before he falls asleep.

Zachary was in my lap & got sick again before he fell asleep.

Nick...he's on the bathroom floor right now.

Lexi....says there's nothing to do and I want a snack. So I tell her to get an ice cream bar from the freezer. She does...then says she doesn't like it. So I eat it & it's all melted! I told Phil to check the freezer if it got turned off or door left open or what. He thinks the freezer is going out. The top shelf items are soft but the bottom stuff is still frozen. Like we need to deal with that right now.

As I type this, they are all asleep.......Zachary is next to me on the couch here because I have a feeling he'll wake up & heave again. Lexi did it for hours when she had the bug. And I don't want him to choke so I'll watch him here for a few hours. Zander is asleep in his bed. Nick is still on the bathroom floor.

Phil is having a strong drink. I think I may join him soon enough cause I have a feeling we'll be the next ones puking......

And guess what, we ALL had the FLU SHOT this year! Go figure.

I just reread this & forgot to add....remember those chunks I dropped on the way to the laundry room? Well, that next morning, Phil saw them.....Eric said it looked like jerky...so Phil picked it up. MMMMM

Ha ha, just kidding. When I told Phil that I needed to get the vacuum out for the steps and explained what happened, he said, "oh, that's what that was" I said ya, why. He said he saw it & picked some up...I said what did you do with them....he said threw them away. PHEW!!!

Well time to head to finish the laundry....did 3 loads on this wonderful Christmas Eve at the Fischer's!!

****Edited to add: I went down to switch the laundry & heard Zander coughing....go in & he's getting sick. Get done with him & head back upstairs. Sit down for a bit & hear Nick coughing. Check on him, he's sleeping, but I can tell it's coming. Wait a while........go back to the living room. Hear him cough again & go in there & he's getting sick..............deal with that & go back to the couch to check on Zachary....who's tossing a bit & figure he's next. Sure enough a few minutes later and he goes at it. So...at least they are all on the same schedule!! I told Phil it'll be every couple of hours if it's the same way it was when Lexi had it. So we get a break now until about midnight......


Anonymous Melinda said...

Oh, geez! What a nightmare! Not for nothing, but my girls have never been sicker than the years they got flu shots. I'm so sorry you had to deal with this and on Christmas!!

Hope everyone is on the mend!

8:36 PM  

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