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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Plumbing Woes....

Ok, so we've been having trouble with our main floor toilet for quite awhile. It would just start to run. A slow leak or something. Finally, Phil tried to fix it. He thought he had it fixed. Well I heard it run every so often again & I think I did mention it to him the other night. We hear it at night when we are in bed.

Well today I came home to find that he did NOT have a good morning. He was downstairs with Zander & they thought they heard something that sounded like Kirby scratching on the door. Well when he finally checked it out, it was too late. The toilet tank filled up on it's own & was leaking out the handle...a LOT. It leaked through the ceiling to the basement bathroom. All the stuff in the main floor bathroom closet floor got soaked. My digital scale in the basement bathroom got wet/ruined.

So Phil had the mess cleaned up when I got home & the fan was running. Well, he showed me what he thought happened & then said it was fixed.

Ya right.

Well I washed all the stuff he had used to soak up the mess & was taking towels into the bathroom & the rugs & GUESS WHAT? The floor was all wet again!! Seems the toilet filled up again & was leaking. I immediately turned off the water to the toilet.

The Plumber was called. Coming tomorrow.


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