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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Getting some emails..."what did you buy this week Lisa?" "Give us the deals"

Ok, here is what I bought today.

This weeks ad states that if you buy $20 worth of Novartis products, you will get a cash coupon for $10 off your next purchase. So...I spent $20 on the following:

Triminic Infant Strips $5/box x 2 = $10
Comtrex $4
Gerber baby food 2 pack/$1 x 6 = $6.00

Walgreens had coupons for the Triminic & Comtrex. $2 x 3 = $6

I had mfg coupons for the Triminc & Comtrex $1 x 3 = $3.

So the $20 was brought down to $11...and then I got a $10 coupon for tomorrow. So it cost me $1 for all of the above. Tomorrow I will go back & buy 4 of the Triminic's for $20, then hand over $12 in coupons, that will bring it down to $8, I'll gave them the $10 cash coupon & they'll PAY me $2.00 for the Triminic.

Also today I bought cans of pumpkin. Libby's pumpkin on sale for .79/can. I bought 3 & had a mfg coupon for $1.00/off 3. That brought it to $.46/can. Paid my babysitter today in cans of pumpkin. Now I wonder if she'll bake me some Pumpkin bars ;-)))))

The other awesome deal was Pantene SHampoo/Conditioner. We already have a closet full, but now that I've started using it, I really like it! IT's on sale this week with a Walgreen's Coupon...2/$6. Then the Easy Saver book also has a coupon for $1.00/off each. Then I had a mfg coupon for $1.00/off each. SO I got it for $1.00/bottle. I think that is what i paid last month. I have to go through some more coupon inserts & if I have enough I'll buy more tomorrow at that price. More pumpkin too ;-)

Another thing I found was a $7.00/off coupon for Commit stop smoking longenes. I had cut two of them out of the papers on Sunday when we were in Lewiston, but checked Ebay & they weren't selling for anything (certain coupons sell for $$ on Ebay if you can believe that!) so I tossed them. Well, wouldn't you know it, I was in Target today & saw on their clearance aisle Commit. Three boxes. I'll check if they are still there tomorrow if I can come up with 3 coupons. I have one so far! I will buy then & resell on Ebay. Should be an easy $20 profit I hope!

Well looks like Jennie just sent out a link on updated blogs....I better get some pics downloaded & update this thing some more! I've got a lot to do this week so you may not see them for awhile. I need to get off here now & do my homework. Yuck.


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