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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wednesday Day 7

Everyone slept until after 8:00 am which was nice. Zander ate a little banana & drank some milk & juice. He couldn't keep ANY of that down. So we had to make a change of plans. We were going to go to Mt Olympus but cancelled that. Phil stayed at the resort with Zander so he could rest & I took the kids & we did some of the resort activities. We first hit the indoor pool which was pretty nice. We never used it the last time we were there. It has a really nice area for the little kids & then a waterslide & basketball hoops for the bigger ones.

After that we took the paddleboat out & Nick did a little fishing. Caught one little one I think. They also had some farm animals out. They had a calf, billy goat, piglet & two bunnies. We then did some mini-golf.

We went back to the cabin & Zander was napping. We had some lunch & when he woke up he was not feeling well at ALL. We decided we better take him to the ER. When we got there he just laid there on the bed w/ his eyes shut & didn't move. I know he wasn't sleeping, I think he was just terrified. They tried putting an IV in his left hand but couldn't get it. He never moved at ALL & that freaked me out so I started crying. They then tried the left hand & again he never budged while getting poked at all. I had to leave the room. After they were done I went over by him & started talking to him & told him it was ok & asked if it hurt..he finally opened his eyes & said yes & started crying. I think he was just so scared that he didn't want to move at all! AFter he started getting the fluids he perked up quite a bit. He went to the bathroom & peed and still had the diarrhea. I got it that day as well.

He ended up getting 36 ounces of fluids. We were checked out around 5:00 pm, there for about 3 hours I think it was.

We ate supper, even Zander. He was able to keep the Spag o's down.

The other kids needed something to do so we drove around the resort. We did the mini golf again & sat in the game room for awhile. Zander was tired so we headed back & then Phil took the Nick & Lexi & headed to town. They found a store that was selling some cool rocks, you know how they love their rocks! LOL
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