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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thursday Day 8

Everyone slept pretty good & Zander was keeping his breakfast down although he still was dealing with the diarrhea. We headed to Mt Olympus Water & Theme Park. We got an awesome deal through the Fischer's (actually we used Lindeman's coupon!). At the hotel they all stayed at, they got a voucher for $20 admission fee (reg price $40) & it gave you the second day free. AND free parking too!! After hearing Great America Parking was $15 I guess I should't complain of the $10 we paid at Valleyfair! Stupid theme parks charge enough for admission fees that they feel they need to tack on parking too? Rip off.

Besides the huge indoor/outdoor water park, it also included ALL the go-carts & kids rides & the indoor theme park. Although there wasn't really much in there. We didn't even go on any of those rides. I think it was more because the weather was so nice who wanted to be inside riding rides!?

So since Zander wasn't 100%, we thought we'd do a few hours with everyone & then head back to the resort for lunch & then the kids & I would go back for the rest of the day.

While we all were there we did some go-carts, kids rides & they also had a mini-duck ride. I was happy about that cause I wanted to do the Original Ducks! This was just around the park. Lexi got to be co-captain & loved that! It also took us through the Deer Park that is next door to the waterpark so that was a bonus to get to see some of those animals. I didn't have my camera with at this time. I learned from Valleyfair & was VERY cautious about taking it to a waterpark! LOL Had I known we were gonna be in a dry area I would have brought it. Oh well.

We then did the indoor waterpark & had a blast. Zander then started feeling icky so we headed back to the resort. We headed back for lunch & then Nick, LExi & I headed back to Mt Olympus & stayed until 9:00! We did more go-carts & water rides.

Lexi even was brave. They have the world's LONGEST UNDERGROUND rollercoaster that even looked too much for me. Especially with how my belly was feeling I said no, but her & Nick went for it. I guess she started crying as soon as she sat down. Needless to say, she did NOT like it at all & I don't think she will go on rollercoasters again....or at least for a VERY long time!! We were very proud of her for trying it though!!

Mt. Olympus was fun but a LOT of walking. The worst was the killer hill on your way out....and carrying a kid and the towel bag doesn't help!
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