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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ice Fishing Contest

I took Nick & Zander over to St Peter today for a kids ice fishing contest. It was the first time ice fishing for all of us! I said it had to be at least 25 degrees for me to go....it hit 30 today!

For some reason Nick decided to put his hand in the water.....WITH his glove on. Not a smart move. And he did that pretty much right away. Next time we'll be smart & bring chairs too.

They gave prizes to the top 4 fish that were caught....but there were ONLY 3 fish caught today!! I'm guessing there were about 200-225 kids fishing & only three caught fish. And we weren't one of those. The biggest was a whoppin' 3 ounces, followed by 1.5 oz & 3rd place went to the 1 oz fish!

Zander & Nick both won prizes (all kids won a door prize). Zander got a small tackle box with 72 jigs & Nick won $5 in St Peter chamber bucks. We spent 45 mins when we were done trying to spend it. Dollar General wouldn't take it, Family Dollar would but Nick couldn't find anything there he wanted. So we went to the grocery store (St Peter has NOTHING for stores!!) & I thought he could pick up a sports magazine or something but nothing there. So I ended up buying a book of postage stamps there & gave him $5 in cash!


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