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Monday, October 15, 2007

Painting Project #2

We got a new bedding set & so we added the two browns to our walls. Our bedroom was already blue & I didn't care for it from the beginning but once we put the new bedding on, the blue looked better! Now it looks even better w/ the browns added. Pictures aren't that great & it does look better in person I think! I couldn't get a pic of the valance but also got a matching one to the bedding set. Thought one would of been enough but I didn't measure & that window must be larger than normal windows cause I had to order a second valance! Those stupid things cost about the same price as the whole bedding set!! Unreal. Now I need new sheets. As I was sleeping last night, my foot got caught in something & I moved it & heard a rip....my fitted sheet RIPPED apart on me! I would expect that from a cheap sheet set, but this was a Pottery Barn set!! GRRRRR So off to order a new sheet set...and after searching I see THAT will cost as much as the valances or more!!

I think we have about 3 more painting projects left to do. Well maybe 4 if I can talk Phil into it!! Although I think he may end up doing wainscoating instead of painting in the basement in one area. Not sure which he'd rather do, but he can pick!

Rain rain go away, come again another day. Mommy's boys just want to go outside to play........
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