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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We are FINISHED Painting!!

We finished up the boy's room today. Wow, was THAT ever fun! It wasn't too bad, but it was more time consuming than just doing all solid colors, that's for sure! I picked up new comforters today & only thing left is putting up the new shades (yep, getting rid of the ripped ones!) and picking out new valances. I'm not sure WHAT to do there?? Any ideas?? Suggestions?!?!

We both love how the room turned out. Next room to get a little paint added is our bedroom. Then Lexi's....then the living room.....maybe the kitchen?? Phil said I already ran out of money (the budget he gave me) so we'll see how many of these things get done yet!

We are still getting estimates on the front patio, but hoping that project gets done in the next week or two. We decided to go with the cement stamping instead of just plain cement, so we are excited about that!

****IGNORE all the dots/spots on the pictures....not sure WHAT is up w/ my camera. Hopefully it just needs a little cleaning. The walls don't have spots, that's the camera!
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