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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The FLU Hits The Fischer House!

If you haven't yet had the flu shot & are able to get one, I would STRONGLY suggest getting one ASAP!!

We were hit by the bug & it was HORRIBLE!!

Nick got it about a week ago. His wasn't too bad, about a 12 hour bug. Then Zander got it on Thursday when he was at Grandma's. His wasn't too long either. He got sick in his crib at nap time & by evening he was better. Zachary (who did get the flu shot) puked on Thursday as well but he was feeling fine after that!

However, different story for the rest of us!

It started Friday night. I was awoken about 2:30 am to Phil getting sick. I went in to see if he was ok. He said he had the flu & was surprised I didn't hear him an hour before that doing the same thing! He made it back to bed & about 3:30 am, Lexi came crawling into our room. She said her tummy hurt. I immediately went to get a bowl & made it back just in time. Then I laid down & felt like I was gonna get sick. Sure enough, we both ended up being sick together.

Her & I went to the couch for the rest of the night, alternating. She'd get sick, then I would, etc...

Saturday morning, Grandma got a call to come help us out. Phil was still feeling bad (but wasn't puking anymore) & Lexi & I were both pretty rough. There was no way Phil nor I could take care of Z & Z. Luckily, Nick had spent the night at Eric's. So both Grandpa & Grandma came out. Grandpa took Zander & they went to watch Eric bowl & then he napped at their house. Grandma stayed here & took care of Zachary & a sick whining/moaning Lexi. Wow, does that girl whine & moan when she is sick. I wonder where she gets that from! Certainly not me, right Phil?!?

By the time Grandpa came back with Zander, Phil was up & out of bed & feeling a little better. Me, no improvement. I finally stopped puking at 7 at night. Lexi was able to eat a little at night.

Today, everyone is feeling better. I'm pretty weak yet from being in bed so long & still have a queasy stomach, but a definate improvement over yesterday for sure!

I don't recall ever being this sick. I hope it ends here & we don't pass it on to anyone else!


Blogger mfisch said...

I'm glad we got the flu shot!! A lot of people around here have had it too!

10:10 AM  

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