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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Polly Pockets RULE!!

A little recap from last night or I should say this morning.

First off, I got to bed kind of late...I was IM'ing with Jennie & it was after midnight when we got done.

3:15 AM....awoken to the lovely SCREAMS of my daughter "MMMMOOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEE" Go upstairs & ask her what she wants. "I want the light on" (We leave her door open a little & the hall light on & then before we go to bed we shut the door & light off. Never been a problem) Fine, I turn the light back on & go back to bed.

3:20 AM.......hear a little girl coming into our bedroom. "Mommy, can you get my Polly Pockets dressed?" Daddy answered "Lexi, it's the middle of the night, get back to bed" Then we get to hear her cry.....before she gets all worked up, nice mother I am says "come here Lexi" She comes to my side of the bed, hands me her Polly Pocket (I REFUSE or can NOT open my eyes...they just don't want to work at this hour). So I fumble around & sort of got her pants on. Hand her to Lexi & then have Lexi lay by me for awhile.

3:28 AM........the wonderful monitor in our room starts to play a little music....AKA Zander lullaby. So I head upstairs w/ Lexi, tell her to go to bed & go & feed Zander. Hall light is still on, but I still can NOT get my eyes to open. A couple of minutes later, Lexi comes in Z's room & sits by me. I finish up w/ him & take her back to her room. She stops in the hall & hands me her Polly Pocket to now get her top on. I had to open my eyes. Ouch. I put it on, give it back to her & she says "that's NOT right mommy" So I put the damn thing on the RIGHT way & send her in her room.

4:08 am......I'm back in my bed.

I LOVE Polly Pockets, don't you?!?!?! Thanks for the GREAT Birthday gift Grandma!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa, the kids must have jinxed us that night cause the same thing happened at this house. Between the kids, the dog and having a coughing attack, I woke up almost every hour from 1am to 6am...I was a zombie at work that day!

7:01 PM  

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