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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

DOCTOR Appointments!!!

Nick & Lexi both saw the doctor today. Lexi for her 3 yr well baby check. She is 33 pounds & in good health ;-)

Nick had to get THREE shots before school starts. He did very good except the last one hurt. He held back, but a couple of tears came out. He SCREAMED & cried at home tonight when daddy took off the bandages. I guess that hurt more than the actual shot!!

There was a FIRST at the clinic too. Lexi cried & cried. She was upset that she wasn't getting a shot too like big brother. She cried all the way out the door. The doctor, nurse & everyone else that heard her said they've NEVER had that happen before. A kid crying because she's NOT getting a shot?!? HUH?? Yep, I've got some strange children!!

Oh, Nick was 63 pounds & I forgot how tall, but very tall for his age!


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