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Sunday, May 23, 2004

SHREK 2........

Took Nick & Lexi to the movie today. Lexi's first movie theatre experience!! She was alright.....just didn't watch a whole lot. Pop & popcorn was gone before the movie started so that didn't help!! She sat on my lap for most of it....made it uncomfortable for me.

I liked the first one alot more than #2 but I think it's always that way!

Oh, we wanted to go to the 12:30 movie & got there....waited in line & they posted SOLD OUT!!! There was probably 20 people in front of us so at least we weren't the NEXT ones when it happened. Bought the tickets for the 2:40 show & went home & Lexi & I took a quick nap before we went! (Nick was busy looking for nightcrawlers.......)

And little Zander slept GREAT last night. Went down about 9:30 & I woke him up at 7:15 cause *I* needed some relief!!! I think the key is to put him to bed a little later than we had. Sometimes it doesn't work out though. Like tonight he was ready at 8:30/8:45...so I'll probably be up w/ him at 4 or 5......oh well I think my body is used to not getting much sleep!!


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