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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday Day 6

Phil, John, & David had a 9am tee time at Christmas Mountain. The kids & I played mini-golf. Cool little bird right on one of the holes. I don't think I've ever gotten that close to a bird before!

We watched some people fish off the dock & then headed back to the cabin. The guys got done golfing & then shortly after Angie/Loren & the girls arrived. We had cake/ice cream to celebrate Savannah & Lexi's 7th birthdays.

We then headed to the Luna Inn where they were all staying & went swimming. Phil & Zachary napped. Then we hit up Timber Falls for some adventure mini golf. Back to the hotel for some pizza (Zander didn't eat but puked instead) & then it was time for the go-carts. FUN day!
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