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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Stomach Flu

Wow this has been some nasty bug that has hit us. Nick actually started it I think last Thursday when we left for vacation. He had the diarrhea that day & I guess a few more days but never said anything or complained about it.

So then Zander got the stomach/diarrhea bug starting on Monday the 28th. I got it Wednesday. I never threw up though. I had horrible stomach pains Monday night for over 5 hours. I felt ok on Tuesday, but then Wednesday had the runs again. Today I'm feeling alright.

Phil came home from work last night & said he felt terrible. He had the runs at work & felt like crap. He made it to work today. He said yesterday people were dropping like flies with four going home & just as many if not more call ins.

Well Zander STILL has the diaarrhea, this is day 11 with it. He's been eating/drinking fine but occassionally complains of a belly ache. We had a potluck at the park last night for Nick's baseball team & after we ate Zander was moaning so I took him home. Phil was in bed & said Zander went to bed pretty much right away...at 7:00. I can tell he has lost some weight too and one of the neighbors commented he looked thin. I have a call in to our doctor right now to see what he says. Not sure what they will do if there is anything he can take or if they want to do more *tests*. I've been doing as they said and *letting it run its course* but how long do you do that?!?

Go away bug go away.


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