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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of JULY!!

(Pics to come!)

This is our first 4th of July at home....not at the lake like we had been for the last 3 years. Although we miss it, we managed to have some fun here ;-)

Yesterday I went to Mankato with Nick & Zander. The other two were at Grandma's. Ashley & I did some shopping & the boys stayed with Tyler. I picked up a ceiling fan for the boy's bedroom & happy to say Phil had no problems getting it installed...soooo now I can go back & get one for our living room ;-)

The little town of Cambria always does their fireworks on the 3rd of July. This year they added a street dance. So we met Grandma/pa, Zach, & Lexi there & listened to the band & watched the fireworks with them. Got to be pretty late for the kids as it was after 11:00 when we got home.

Then early this morning (had to wake Lexi & Zander up) Grandma/pa came & picked us three up & we headed to St Peter for their 4th of July parade. That starts at 10:00 so we left here around 9:00...had a little delay in Nicollet.....some lighted vehicle pulled Gramps over...don't worry, he just got a warning! Ended up sitting at the VERY end of the parade route. Was a decent parade but tragedy at the end....a girl either fell off her float or jumped off & ended up getting run over! I saw her ankle & thought that was what got hit but I then heard someone say she got run over by the tire. The ambulance took her away. She was alert & seemed ok from what I saw.

As we pulled onto our street, Phil & Zach (Nick was at the park w/ his friend) were heading to Cambria for their parade. So the 3 of us jumped out of Gramps' car & squeezed into the Metro. Made it to the parade with time to spare. Phew, that was close. For those of you not familiar w/ their parade...it is about 10 -15 minutes & most of the units go through twice....just in case you missed them the first time!!

We sat right by the beer truck and found out they still had some kegs from the night before to get rid of. $1 taps. We like that. AND they had a beanbag tournament. For shits & giggles, Phil & I decided to enter. I went home to get Nick & his friend so they could run around with their friends that were there. (we heard they had over 500 people at the street dance last night)

There were SIXTEEN teams in the tournament & would you believe that Phil & I ended up in FOURTH place. FOURTH place even PAID. We got our money back! Sweet!!

Came home & Nick headed to his friend's house to swim. That friend & another friend are spending the night here tonight....in the tent. We will see if they/we get any sleep tonight! They are still out playing tag or running around...at 10:45. They've GOT to tire out pretty soon after the busy day they all had!!

Pictures to come...........

well 10:51, the 3 boys came inside...guess they are gonna sleep in Nick's room. I thought they would of lasted longer out there!


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