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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Fun Night!

We got Nick weighed in last night in Rochester. We had signed him up for the 103 weight class & he weighed in at 104.8 so he had to go to the 112 weight class.

Wrestling started this morning at 8:30. I'm here in Lewiston with the kids & Phil, his folks & Nick are at the meet. It just gets to be too much with the kids so we opted to stay here. Just got a call that Nick pinned his first guy in under a minute, so he's got 1 win under his belt. I have no idea how many are in his group. From the pre-registration list it looked like 5 others but there could of been some moving around depending on how the actual kids weighed in.

Well we had a rough night last night. We could tell something was wrong with Zachary as he was laying on the floor before 8:00. He only got about an hour nap yesterday so we first thought maybe he was just tired...but then the way he acted I thought something else wasn't right. Put him to bed at 8:00 & I went to bed about 11:00 and went in there just in time to hear him squirming....and then he got sick. I had taken a bowl in there just in case but of course we didn't get the bowl to him in time. I'm just thankful I wasn't in bed with him when it happened!! So we got him cleaned up & laid down. I figured there would be more & sure enough....one more time. After that, I ended up putting him on the floor & he went to sleep. Woke up better but now it's coming out the other end.

I didn't hear it, but I guess around 2:00 am, Lexi woke up (was sleeping w/ Zander) and had a cough/runny nose & went in by Phil (who was sleeping w/ Nick). Phil moved Nick to the couch and I guess he got his croupy cough and started hacking. So then Lexi was sleeping with Phil. Lexi also woke Zander up when she got up but I guess he went back to sleep.

I think we all will be taking naps this afternoon for sure!
Let's hope tonight goes better!!


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