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Friday, July 16, 2004

Busy Busy Busy.....

Phew!! Got a second here to do a quick update of the week thus far!  It has been busy!  Mom & Dad let us use their camper for a few nights.   We went to Flandrau Monday afternoon.  Phil stayed Mon & Tues night with Nick & Lexi & I came home at night with Zander.  Wed night Lexi came home with me too.  She was just exhausted!!!  She fell asleep in the camper at 5:30 & we didn't want her to sleep that long so we tried to wake her up at 6:15.  She was NOT in a good mood so she had to come home with me.  Put her to bed after a bath at 8:30 & she slept until 10:00 AM Thursday morning!!!  13.5 hours.  She NEEDED it.  The kids had a GREAT time there.  Spent 5 hours swimming the one day....lots of riding bike & walking.  I'll post some pictures later!  Nick played with Zach who was camping with his grandparents.  Zach is 6.  They swam together too.  Eric came & swim too & he spent Wed night w/ Phil & Nick.  Now today is the start of another weekend of HERITAGEFEST.  We'll head out there later this afternoon for a few hours. 
Yesterday I went to the Twin Cities.  My first time leaving Zander for more than a couple of hours.  I left about 10:45 AM & got home at 11:30 pm!!  Long day of shopping !!  My first stop was the Hanna Andersson outlet.  They are moving & so they had an extra 50% off the lowest price.  I got stuff for resale.  I hope I do well with it!!  Didn't spend as much as I thought I would as it was pretty picked over.  I was then going to head to the IKEA that just opened near the Mall of America.  It opened on Wed.  But I had heard it was super busy & I HATE those large crowds.  So I skipped it & will check it out on my next trip there.
I also met a group of Ebay sellers that live in the metro area.  We all met for dinner at 7.  There were 8 of us there.  I've been chatting with these ladies since Jan so it was pretty cool to meet them & put a face with a name!!  I've also learned a few things that I hope will help with my Ebay job.  What was funny was that when I was at the Hanna outlet, I saw Lisa...another Ebay seller.  She has posted a link to her family webpage & I recognized her from that picture.  So I said Hi to her....of course she had NO clue who I was.  She said Hi.  I said "you don't know who I am do you?"  "nope"  I told her & she was surprised!! She had her baby boy with too.  There are 3 of us that just had baby boy's in March & April!  She was gonna come to the dinner last night too but something came up & she couldn't make it, so it was neat I ran into her at the store!
After the Hanna stop, I went to four different thrift stores.  Spent the whole day at them!! Had fun.  Found some stuff......which now means I have more work to do ;-(  I wish I had more time to do it.  A couple of the ladies sell all new items & I know where they get there inventory but there isn't one around here.  So I think I may have to make tripes to the cities more often!!  They make a LOT of money on Ebay.  The one lady said "you have to spend money to make money"  That was after she said she will spend anywhere from $100 - $2000 when she is shopping.  Another lady said she recently spent $1200 at the Talbots outlet on dresses & sold a lot of them already.  I couldn't imagine spending that much at ONE time.  I think it's a lot when I spend $100. !!!!  But I guess I just will have to spend more if I want to earn more ;-)
Zander had his 4 mo doctor appointment yesterday.  Daddy took him.  He had to get 3 shots ;-(  He now weighs 17 POUNDS & 4 OUNCES.  He is a chunker ;-)  He's 26" long.  He seems so much bigger than Nick was.  But I checked & Nick went in at 4 1/2 mos & he was 18 lbs 12 oz. 
Zander was on schedule too & pooped for daddy while I was gone.  It's been 10 days. 


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